Meg’s 2020 Year End Reflections

Posted by Meg Soper, 24-12-2020

Meg's retrospective on 2020 highlights the importance of health and family and how we lean in together when the going gets tough!

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Stories of Resilience from the Front Lines of Retail

Posted by Meg Soper, 29-07-2020

Learn stories of resilience from entrepreneurs in the housewares retail industry.

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Is Your Inner Narrator Behaving?

Posted by Meg Soper, 30-06-2020

Given that we have somewhere around 50,000 thoughts a day, mindful self-compassion (being mindful of how we direct our mental energy) is important.

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Posted by Meg Soper, 19-05-2020

Change is coming at us fast and from every direction. How do we respond to this overwhelming change? When it comes to the SHIFT, we have a choice!

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Meg’s Vlog: Building Resilience Part 6

Posted by Meg Soper, 28-04-2020

Watch the final video of my six-part series where I help you find moments throughout the day to relax and unwind.

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Keeping It Together While Keeping Your Distance

Posted by Meg Soper, 26-03-2020

Everything changed when the World Health Organization announced that we were officially in a pandemic. Here are some Tips for Resilience to help during these very challenging times. 

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A 21-Day Nutrition Challenge That Will Change Your Life

Posted by Meg Soper, 12-02-2020

While it’s no secret that healthy eating habits and an active lifestyle are key elements for healthy human development, actually putting this into practice can be challenging given the busyness of life. Take 21 days to focus on you!

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Spreading Awareness About Mental Illness by Joining the ‘Bell Let’s Talk Day’ Initiative

Posted by Meg Soper, 29-01-2020

Let’s make a difference in 2020 by being mindful of our mental health and take steps towards spreading awareness. Join the #BellLetsTalk campaign to make a difference.

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A Merry ‘Resilience-filled’ Holiday!

Posted by Meg Soper, 16-12-2019

I’d like to wish you and your family a resilience-filled holiday season and a Happy New Year!  

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Meg’s Vlog: Building Resilience Part 5

Posted by Meg Soper, 11-11-2019

Watch the fifth video of my six-part series where I help you find moments throughout the day to relax and unwind.

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Meg’s Vlog: Building Resilience Part 4

Posted by Meg Soper, 05-09-2019

Watch the fourth video of my six-part series where I help you find moments throughout the day to relax and unwind.

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Meg’s Vlog: Building Resilience Part 3

Posted by Meg Soper, 17-05-2019

Watch the third video of my six-part series where I teach you how to build resilience and face life’s challenges head-on. Did you miss the second video? Catch up here!

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Meg’s Thoughts on Resilience

Posted by Meg Soper, 05-04-2019

Resilience is a topic that both fascinates and puzzles. I mean, why is it that some people come back stronger than ever after tremendous hardship while others, who are blessed with love, support and promise, struggle to cope? If only resilience were something you could put in a bottle and take a swig of during life’s difficult moments.

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Meg’s Vlog: Building Resilience Part 2

Posted by Meg Soper, 26-02-2019

Watch the second video of my six-part series where I teach you how to build resilience and face life’s challenges head-on. Part 2 focuses on identifying your intentions for the day, and how to start your day with a healthy, positive mindset.

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Meg’s Vlog: Building Resilience

Posted by Meg Soper, 01-02-2019

Watch the first video of my six-part series where I teach you how to build resilience and face life’s challenges head on. This video focuses on mindfulness and how practicing it can help you start your day off right.

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Rewire Your Brain and Inspire Yourself and Others in 2019!

Posted by Meg Soper, 23-01-2019

There have been some discoveries in neuroscience of late that hold amazing possibilities for all of us. And the great news is that you don’t have to be a brain surgeon to put some of these discoveries to see tangible improvements in your quality of life and overall happiness. 

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A Merry Mindful Holiday

Posted by Meg Soper, 17-12-2018

December arrives and suddenly the pressure amps up: “Okay… now I really have to get things done!” It is a time of year where we can get hijacked by the busyness of it all, which is why I think it is a great time of year to practice mindfulness, and to take time to reflect and be grateful for what we have while we ready for the holidays.

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The Secret Sauce of Effective Teams

Posted by Meg Soper, 12-11-2018

I am often asked: Can you come and speak to our group about creating a positive work culture? It is a fascinating subject, and in previous blogs I have explored ideas about the ingredients of positive work culture and how individual diversity makes teams stronger. This piece centres on the “Secret Sauce” of high functioning teams. 

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Taking Charge of Your Mental Energy

Posted by Meg Soper, 15-10-2018

Being mindful of where we direct our mental energy can help us direct our attention to productive thoughts and ideas, which will make all the difference in building our resilience and enhancing our state of mind. This is particularly important in today’s hyper connected, always on world.

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Can Home-Cooked Meals Reduce Stress and Improve Health and Happiness? Take the #CEDOChallenge to Find Out!

Posted by Meg Soper, 28-09-2018

As a motivational speaker, I talk a lot about managing stress, finding work-life balance, practicing mindfulness, and working to create a happier and healthier you! For me, taking some ‘Me’ time each day gives me something to look forward to, especially when it is one of those days when my back and neck start to tighten, and my breathing becomes shallow. I call this the “30 Minute Rule.”

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Creating a Culture of Teamwork and Collaboration

Posted by Meg Soper, 20-08-2018

The merits of teamwork have long been known.  In fact, I think it is fair to say that we humans owe much of our success to our basic instinct for collaborative behavior.

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Meg’s Vlog: Staying Rightside Up When Everything Is Upside Down

Posted by Meg Soper, 19-06-2018

Sometimes your world gets turned upside down – But what can you do to stay grounded and keep your head up?

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Starting a Career as a Baby Boomer and a Millennial: A Study in Contrasts

Posted by Meg Soper, 18-06-2018

I remember my first day of work as though it were yesterday. I was a recent nursing school graduate and had accepted a position as a ward nurse at Shaughnessy Hospital in Vancouver. I had gone through numerous in person interviews, attended orientation sessions, and been subjected to a thorough grilling by nurse supervisors.

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Looking Back with Laughter

Posted by Meg Soper, 22-05-2018

The world sure was different then, and so was I. My kids were 7 and 4, and life was chaotic as I juggled parenthood, a nursing career, and a couple of stand-up gigs a month.

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Want to Feel Happier, Healthier, and More Peaceful? Take the #May30for30 Challenge!

Posted by Meg Soper, 25-04-2018

As a motivational speaker, I talk a lot about managing stress, finding work-life balance, practicing mindfulness, and working to create a happier and healthier you!

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Meg’s Vlog: Generation Z

Posted by Meg Soper, 20-04-2018

Nothing is more inspiring than the determination of young people. Generation Z, or post-millennials, are people born from the mid-1990s to the early 2000s.

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Conflict Management in the Healthcare Industry

Posted by Meg Soper, 28-03-2018

How can we each learn to best manage ourselves and our team within this challenging environment and avoid fanning the flame of conflict?

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Creating a Culture that Rocks – Let’s Sing from the Same Song Sheet

Posted by Meg Soper, 26-02-2018

The event was put on by Seasons Retirement Living – a company that owns and operates 20 retirement communities in Ontario and Alberta.

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Taking Control: The Secret Weapon for Motivation

Posted by Meg Soper, 23-01-2018

Every time the New Year rolls around, we hear lots of talk about goals – but those often get tossed to the side by the end of January, sometimes leaving us feeling more demotivated than ever!

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Shifting Perspectives: Holiday Edition 2017

Posted by Meg Soper, 21-12-2017

With the end of the year approaching and a “to do” list preparing for the holidays, I am inspired to touch on mindfulness!

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A Working Western Vacation–Summer 2017

Posted by Meg Soper, 07-12-2017

The goal was simple enough: visit with the kids in Alberta, play some golf, then spend time with family and friends in BC. And as always, in your mind’s eye you picture the time as an idyllic venture that is filled with sunshine, relaxation, and happy gatherings. Of course, vacations rarely turn out that way.

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Meg’s Vlog: Celebrating a Life Well Lived

Posted by Meg Soper, 29-11-2017

It’s not easy to say goodbye, but when a loved one passes on we can remember the good times and celebrate a life well lived.

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Check Out Meg’s Blog Featured on The Diabetes Council Website!

Posted by Meg Soper, 27-11-2017

As a motivational speaker and Registered Nurse, I know a little something about staying motivated in our pursuit of a healthy life, particularly when it comes to dealing with health problems. That’s why my article was recently featured on, all about keeping motivated when diabetes comes calling.

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Meg’s Vlog: Making a Positive Impact

Posted by Meg Soper, 12-10-2017

No matter what we do for a living – or what we do in our lives – we have an opportunity every day to make a positive impact on the people we encounter.

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4 Small Steps to Help Educators Achieve Better Work-Life Balance

Posted by Meg Soper, 04-10-2017

Every fall when I see all the displays at the store for back to school supplies, I reflect on all my years as a student. There’s a certain feeling in the air at this time of year, as so many gear up to return to school.

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Meg’s Vlog: Leading by Example

Posted by Meg Soper, 14-09-2017

Inspiration is everywhere. We don’t need to be the CEO or the manager to show leadership; we just need to lead by example and lift up the people around us.

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Personalities in the Workplace: The Toughest Nut to Crack

Posted by Meg Soper, 22-08-2017

Colleagues in the workplace will always have their differences – but ultimately, the best teams are made up of DIVERSE personalities!

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Lessons Learned as a Professional Motivational Speaker – Everyone Has a Story

Posted by Meg Soper, 03-08-2017

Storytelling can break down barriers. Whether it is a room of 7 or 100 people, it offers endless possibilities for discovery. As a professional motivator, I help bring stories to the surface – because that is where the magic happens.

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Lessons Learned as a Professional Motivational Speaker

Posted by Meg Soper, 13-07-2017

We all need a lift in our lives. I love being able to deliver that ‘lift.’ Like a cup of coffee with legs.

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Here’s to an AmEHzing Canada 150!

Posted by Meg Soper, 29-06-2017

As we approach our nation’s 150th birthday, it seems appropriate to reflect on what defines us as Canadians. Of course there are the usual Canadian stereotypes– you know, the polite, hockey-loving folks who wear toques, eat back bacon, swill maple syrup, and who are prone to saying ‘Eh?’

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Meg’s Vlog: Humor in Adversity

Posted by Meg Soper, 20-06-2017

Everyone faces adversity in life – but it’s how we react to adversity that makes the difference. Finding humor in your situation and looking at the positives are powerful mechanisms for keeping the stressors from getting you down.

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In the Comfort Zone? Try Stepping Out!

Posted by Meg Soper, 02-05-2017

Often it is fear of failure or lack of confidence that holds us back. So we stick with what we know and hang back in the ‘comfort zone.’

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Meg’s Vlog: The Bathroom Incident

Posted by Meg Soper, 18-04-2017

Does ‘First Come, First Served’ apply in the realm of a public washroom, or not?

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Taming Your Inner Reptile: Meg’s Tips for Controlling Brain Chatter

Posted by Meg Soper, 31-03-2017

We all live with ‘Brain Chatter’. You know, those times when your attention is held hostage by a loop of negative thoughts or emotions, sapping your energy and productivity.

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Meg in Action: Strathroy Middlesex Hospital Nurses Week Celebration [Video]

Posted by Meg Soper, 15-03-2017

Watch me in action in our latest video from Strathroy Middlesex Hospital at their Nurses Week Celebration!

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Meg’s Vlog: Simple Steps for Managing Your Health

Posted by Meg Soper, 28-02-2017

“I wish I learned what I know now about managing health 30 years ago!”

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Your Mental Mindset – Wisdom from Professional Golfer Victoria Lovelady

Posted by Meg Soper, 21-02-2017

I recently had the pleasure of meeting a woman professional golfer from Brazil by the name of Victoria Lovelady.

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Healthier, Happier, Smarter: We Choose How We Live Our Lives

Posted by Meg Soper, 07-02-2017

I recently presented to a group of event planners on the subject of “Managing Stress and Finding Work-Life Balance”.

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Meg’s Vlog: 3 Steps for Surviving the Winter

Posted by Meg Soper, 26-01-2017

How do we stay on track and stay positive for the winter season?

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What’s Nutrition Got to Do with It? Take the 21 Day Challenge!

Posted by Meg Soper, 20-01-2017

You’re probably wondering why a professional motivational speaker is bothering to talk about nutrition in her blog…

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Tips over the Edge – Skiing, Family, and Tackling Hurdles in 2017

Posted by Meg Soper, 11-01-2017

Ski holidays have been a mainstay for our family for nearly 20 years. This January, we found ourselves in the mountains of BC.

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Meg’s Vlog: Being Inspired and Setting Goals for 2017

Posted by Meg Soper, 19-12-2016

Welcome to my first vlog post! These vlogs will be short videos about my thoughts and experiences as I make my way through the challenges and uplifting moments of everyday life.

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Shifting Perspectives: The Holiday Edition

Posted by Meg Soper, 13-12-2016

The holiday season is an emotional powderkeg. It is a time to gather with family – to honor tradition and give thanks.

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The Ripple Effect of Negative Energy

Posted by Meg Soper, 15-11-2016

Our daughter Mads – a millennial – is in her final year at Dalhousie University, and is working for a catering company in Halifax to help pay her way through school.

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The Corporate Thriver: Four Steps to Achieving Better Work-Life Balance

Posted by Meg Soper, 02-11-2016

Work-life balance is important in every industry – so why do so many of us in the corporate world take our own well-being for granted?

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My Parental Playbook: The Empty Nest Revisited

Posted by Meg Soper, 18-10-2016

We had just adjusted to a millennial-free home when about five months ago, my oldest kid boomeranged back after two years of “the year of Will”.

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What a Female Motivational Speaker Brings to the Table

Posted by Meg Soper, 04-10-2016

Every motivational keynote speaker brings their own unique energy and personal background to the platform.

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Head Down? Put Your Helmet On!

Posted by Meg Soper, 15-09-2016

Have you ever gotten so immersed in something that you fail to notice what is going on around you, forget an important commitment, or miss out on something more important than your immediate goal or activity?

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The Four Personality Styles Part 4

Posted by Meg Soper, 06-09-2016

Have you ever wondered why it is that some people attract us and others repel us? Now, let’s consider the final type of behavioral style – the Director.

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The Four Personality Styles Part 3

Posted by Meg Soper, 17-08-2016

Have you ever wondered what factors are at work to explain why some people attract us and others repel us? We have now come to look at the third type – the Analytical.

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The Four Personality Styles Part 2

Posted by Meg Soper, 05-08-2016

Have you ever wondered what factors are at work to explain why some people attract us and others repel us? For our second blog in this series, let’s focus on The Socializer.

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The Four Personality Styles Part 1

Posted by Meg Soper, 22-07-2016

Have you ever wondered what factors are at work to explain why some people attract us and others repel us? Let’s begin this series on Personality Styles by considering The Supporter.

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8 Strategies for Effective Conflict Management in the Workplace

Posted by Meg Soper, 07-07-2016

“To handle yourself, use your head; to handle others, use your heart.” - Eleanor Roosevelt

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The 30 Minute Rule: Make it Yours!

Posted by Meg Soper, 23-06-2016

How well do you take care of yourself? Really well? Kinda well? Not so well, but ready to take it up a notch?

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How to See the Humor in Stressful Situations

Posted by Meg Soper, 07-06-2016

“Humor is tragedy plus time.” - Mark Twain

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Motivational Speaking Events: Do They Improve Employee Engagement?

Posted by Meg Soper, 19-05-2016

Successful organizations aren’t built by hard numbers and cold facts – they’re built through the dedication, commitment, and effort of their people. The hard numbers and cold facts are the result, not the cause.

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The Importance of Work-Life Balance in the Healthcare Industry

Posted by Meg Soper, 04-05-2016

Work-life balance is essential in every industry – for every professional, employee, and executive.

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Why Use Humor as a Motivational Tool in the Workplace?

Posted by Meg Soper, 20-04-2016

Humor is the Swiss Army Knife of life-tools. Humor relieves stress, brings people closer together, and is persuasive.

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The Sandwich and the Cat

Posted by Meg Soper, 31-03-2016

For something that sounds like it should be delicious, being in the sandwich generation can be challenging.

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Change? Bring it on … I can take it!

Posted by Meg Soper, 12-01-2016

Change can be subtle or change can be sudden. But one thing is sure...change never sleeps, as some recent happenings in Meg's life make clear.

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Generations & the Workplace: “Now Let’s All Just Get Along!”

Posted by Meg Soper, 18-11-2015

The changing nature of work in the Information Age - and its implications for how the different generations choose to interact as they vie for rewarding and productive careers.

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Do Less, Live More!

Posted by Meg Soper, 19-10-2015

A book review that considers how taking a more minimalist approach to possessions can liberate our souls!

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My Favorite Season?

Posted by Meg Soper, 01-09-2015

Meg wades in to debate why summertime may be her favorite season...or not?

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Making Your Event a Success: Five Key Ingredients

Posted by Meg Soper, 14-08-2015

As a professional speaker who has delivered hundreds of keynote presentations and workshops over the years, I have had many opportunities to listen to audience feedback about what contributed to the success of an event.

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Reflections On Hitting The Big Two Five

Posted by Meg Soper, 09-06-2015

"Marriage is an alliance entered into by a man who can't sleep with the window shut, and a woman who can't sleep with the window open." George Bernard Shaw

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Want To Be a Better Problem Solver?

Posted by Meg Soper, 04-04-2015

While some debate whether Einstein actually said this, there is little doubt that he was a brilliant problem solver, who took the time to get absolutely clear about the nature of any problem he set out to solve.

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What Is Your Problem Solving Style?

Posted by Meg Soper, 13-04-2015

Many of the client organizations I work with today are faced with complex challenges that call for teamwork and collaboration to solve. This blog will delve into the dynamics of problem solving from the standpoint of individual problem solving styles.

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Racing With The Sun

Posted by Meg Soper, 12-01-2015

Vacations shouldn’t feel like a race against the clock. But for a few hours this one sure did. To read about Meg and her family’s exciting escape to El Salvador click on the link…

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Doing Nothing Well

Posted by Meg Soper, 12-06-2015

Those who know me know I don’t do ‘nothing’ well. As in sitting around, doing nothing.

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Spring Cleaning

Posted by Meg Soper, 18-04-2015

After months of being cooped inside, many Canadians embrace a trip to the dump as one of those classic springtime rituals. This year we seized upon the opportunity to rid ourselves of monumental amounts of obsolete electronics: computers, keyboards, cables, outdated cell phones, malfunctioning VCRs, a mass tangle of assorted cables and a 12 year old big screen TV that weighed about as much as a Smart car.

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Err Canada (or How Our National Airline Nearly Stole Christmas)

Posted by Meg Soper, 14-02-2015

Vacations should reduce stress, right? That was our aim when we plunked down a small fortune for a fun in the sun holiday last Christmas. Day 1: Departure.

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When Life Dares You to Complain

Posted by Meg Soper, 20-11-2014

Our amazing profession bonds together wide-eyed new graduates and wily veterans alike because the work we do touches people in every community across this country.

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Strap on the Seatbelt…

Posted by Meg Soper, 02-11-2014

Have you ever initiated a conversation and then watched it stray off course? You blurt out something and then wish a suction device could kick in and hoover back the offending words … let you start all over?

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Follow the Sun (And Daughter)

Posted by Meg Soper, 08-09-2014

We have been climbing hard for over three hours and find ourselves perched upon the Dragon’s Back, a slender ledge of rock on the upper slopes of Mount Rundle in Banff National Park.

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Sometimes Intuition Ain’t Worth Beans

Posted by Meg Soper, 27-05-2014

In my last blog I urged you to ‘Strap on the Seatbelt and Have the Conversation.’ But what happens when the going gets really tough? As in when the person on the other end of the conversation isn’t quite playing by your set of rules?

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More News from the Empty Nest

Posted by Meg Soper, 22-04-2014

Almost exactly a year before the above noted exchange with my daughter, Maddy, I was experiencing my first taste of empty nester’s syndrome as we sent her off to university in Halifax. Now it seemed I had a different kind of nest to worry about.

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My Parental Playbook: The Final Chapter

Posted by Meg Soper, 20-04-2014

We have just driven a rusted, decrepit minivan across eastern North America to deliver our daughter to University.

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Black Holes, Chainsaws & Other Life Lessons From North of Superior

Posted by Meg Soper, 27-03-2014

For a true city girl, taking the road less travelled can be a little daunting, particularly in the dead of winter, North of Superior. But one of the joys of my profession is travelling across this amazing country, meeting people of all walks, and hearing their unique stories. As an added benefit, for someone who doesn’t know the difference between what is due north and what is a dew worm, my vocation offers a firsthand opportunity to make up for a lack of proficiency in the subject of Canadian geography.

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Looking After What is Important?

Posted by Meg Soper, 12-05-2012

Spring has arrived. And as I peer out the living room window, I see stark reminders of the things that need tending. The lawn, for one, is already a mass of weeds.

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Humour Helps us Kick the Covers off in the Morning

Posted by Meg Soper, 24-03-2012

Whether you are a wide eyed graduate or wily veteran, this amazing profession bonds us together because our work touches people everywhere across this vast nation. You may have to travel a desolate logging road to a remote First Nation community or brave the mayhem of a 16 lane highway in your daily commute to work, but once there we are bonded by a single powerful thread: the work we each do makes a big difference in the lives of our patients, clients, colleagues and residents.

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About Meg

Meg Soper has developed into a leading motivational humorist by combining the insights and experiences gained over the last thirty years pursuing dual careers as a registered nurse and stand up comedian.

A veteran stand-up performer, she got her start at various comedy clubs across Canada, and over the years performed with many acclaimed comics including Ray Romano and Ellen Degeneres. Her diverse content has been shaped by her experiences as a staff nurse and later as an operating room nurse in major urban teaching hospitals and regional health care facilities. As a health care professional she recognized the tremendous value of humor and positive energy.


We have received a great deal of positive feedback on the event. Our staff loved your energy, enthusiasm, and humour. They also enjoyed that your presentation was interactive. It was just what we needed! You did a fabulous job.

Shannon Griem CHRL, Human Resources Assistant

We were absolutely thrilled to have Meg speak at our event to celebrate Early Childhood Educators and Childcare Workers. Meg's unique blend of humor and inspiration resonated with our audience in a way that was truly remarkable. Meg managed to tackle serious topics with a lighthearted touch, making... Read More

Tory Putnam, Childcare System Co-ordinator

It was such an absolute pleasure to have heard and learned from Meg at our annual Care by Design conference. The feedback has been unequivocally positive and in keeping with our goal of exceeding participants expectations of the day…We offer a heartfelt thanks on behalf of the Care by Design... Read More

Janelle Richer BSN RN, Health Services Manager

Meg Soper has lit up the SSM OHS Conference stage twice, and if it were possible, I'd gladly have her return every year. She's undoubtedly one of my personal favorites! Meg's professionalism shines through in her meticulous preparation, making collaboration with her a breeze. Her ability to... Read More

Anita Zubricki, Director of Marketing

Meg!  I’ve heard such lovely feedback about your talk on Tuesday night.  Everyone was so impressed that you were able to work so many people into the conversation after chatting people up during cocktail hour and dinner.  Thank you so much, again, for being a delightful feature of our special... Read More

Anne Huizingh, Director of Human Resources

Thank you so much for coming to the PD Day…You were amazing, and the day was a huge success! The staff had only wonderful things to say about you and a few even said they had felt like they were starting to get into a negative head space, and you helped them realize it and come out of it so THANK... Read More

Susan Taylor, Director

The feedback from the entire event was outstanding! Additionally, the feedback about you, specifically, was incredible. Here are some of the direct quotes: The speaker was great and the energy she displayed was contagious. The guest speaker was on point, on topic, and very relatable (and... Read More

Kelly Calhoun, Assistant VP Communications

We had fantastic feedback regarding your Keynote! You hit all the nails on the head…On a five-point scale, your average was 4.8. AMAZING!!   Comments from selected attendees at the MAPE event:   “Tangible and connected to our group with knowledge of our work.”   “She did a nice... Read More

Angela Halseth, Vice President

"Thankyou for your amazing “conversation/presentation” at our Conference. It just hit so many right notes and was the absolute perfect way to end the day! You have helped with providing tools for us to help navigate change both in our personal and professional lives. You made it so personal and... Read More

Sue Vovchuk, Executive Director

Thank you so much for speaking at the Office, Clerical and Technical Union PD Day Event. Our members were so uplifted and entertained by your presentation. So many folks thanked me for bringing you to the day! Your personalization was hugely impactful and we had a wonderful laugh thanks to you!

Linn Maund, President

The event went great and everyone loved Meg's presentation! She was professional, knowledgeable, inspirational and funny. Meg's performance was an excellent start to our day and we all enjoyed it a lot.  We extend our gratitude to Meg - she made our event exceptional and... Read More

Magda Wojewodka, Administrative Coordinator

I was at the TBA Women in Banking last week, and I wanted to connect with you to say Thank You!  Your presentation was beyond hilarious.  I laughed harder than I have in years.  I was rolling and crying and even bawling at times.  I told my husband and children all about you - for days I kept... Read More

Nicole Robben - Director

“As always, that was truly incredible. I hope we…have you back every year! Thank you for inspiring, motivating, and bringing laughter to my team and the amazing people we work with across the state. THANK YOU!”

Allison Granata - Assistant Director

We can’t thank you enough for your amazing presentation today!  It was so thoughtful, refreshing, and fun!! Your energy and positivity are infectious, and while these times are difficult for all of us, we appreciate your adaptability and the fact that you continue to speak to teams, inspire with... Read More

Amanda Laird - Team Lead for Practice Quality

Meg’s keynote was amazing – she should be a stand up comedienne – lucky for us she’s pivoted to delivering important messages with humour to the masses...I Laughed Out Loud literally so many times. Please tell Meg I really appreciated the shout outs, the tailored message, the references to... Read More

Anne Babej - Executive Director

What a night!...You were absolutely wonderful to work with and you shared such fun and helpful tips, some I have already started to put to use! I can’t tell you how many times I literally laughed out loud! I think there were even some tears. In the current times we’re in, laughter and joy like... Read More

Nathania Millette - Director of Operations

THANK YOU! YOU WERE SOOOOOOOOOOOO AWESOME TODAY! We have been getting amazing feedback all afternoon!

Cynthia Kelly - Human Resources Manager

She was incredible!!!

Gurinder Sandhu - Owner & President

Meg, that was WONDERFUL!  I couldn’t be happier with this first “Conversation!” Thank you for helping Lead and Inspire!

Natasha Ozybko - Co-Founder

What a spectacular presentation!  Thank you so much for you message and contagious positive energy.  My inbox and workplace chat has been blowing up with positive feedback. It hit the mark 100%!

Taryl Kramp - Regional Vice-President

Throughout the day I heard many comments about how much people enjoyed your keynote. You struck just the right tone of acknowledging the frustrations and stresses we are facing and providing practical approaches to being more resilient. There were many laughs throughout, and that alone was... Read More

Barb Omland - Chair

Thank you Meg! As always you were a big hit both this afternoon and this evening!  Your ability to connect everyone through your story telling and humor is like no other! We are truly appreciative of you making the time to be with us. I cant wait to work with you... Read More

LeighAnne Voll - Chief Operating Officer

“First of all I want to thank you for your wonderful presentation. I received nothing but great feedback. I will definitely keep you in mind for future events.”

Clarissa Ogando - International Market Coordinator

“We absolutely loved having Meg! We cannot say enough wonderful things about her. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!”

Jenna Saunders - People Operations Specialist

“Thank you so much for bringing your energy and wisdom to our leadership team today. You are such a pro. I was so impressed how you were able to have such an engaging presence over Zoom…Thanks again for a memorable presentation and bringing energy to our team – so much appreciation here for... Read More

Alex Munter - President & CEO

“Thank you for the wonderful presentation...As I mentioned earlier, you are a real joy and your joyful sprint shone through beautifully today. It’s exactly what we as a Board need at this moment. On a personal level, it was just what the doctor... Read More

Charles Criminisi - Chairman of the Board

“Meg recently spoke to our university—remotely—on the topic of resilience and teamwork. Meg’s approach to this critical topic was knowledgeable, humorous, and sensible. Her presentation packed a lot of information in a short time. Meg made sure that the participants were fully engaged,... Read More

Gene Roberts - Director Student & Legal Mediation Services

“Extreme thanks!  This was fantastic and the energy we all needed right now! Here are a few quotes, some of them were sent to everyone at the end of the meeting, some came directly to me: "Thank you!!! SOOOO needed this!!!" "Really fun break in the stress." "Excellent choice of... Read More

"Thank you for your amazing presentation today. Once again you encouraged, educated and excited our team to continue doing great things. You were very personable, and dynamic in connecting with us virtually!  You are a rockstar. 147 employees were very lucky to hear from you...Name change... Read More

Comments from Meg's Virtual Keynote at the 2020 Alabama Schools New Principals Institute: "Excellent pointers for self care."  "Great tips for managing stress!" "FANTASTIC PRESENTATION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" "Awesome message! Very inspiring!" "Meg was filled with energy and this... Read More

“We would like to offer our deepest thanks for this morning’s fantastic presentation. It was immensely captivating and informative. I have already received great feedback from coordinators and I, personally, am already applying this information to dynamics I have observed in the workplace and... Read More

Ayana Mortley,Workshop Training Coordinator,New York City Elder Abuse Center

“Your presentation about resilience in healthcare and managing difficult personalities as we work to change healthcare connected with everyone and the laughter was perfect medicine for all who attended. We loved your presentation. Thank you for making our Fall Education Meeting a huge... Read More

Lorri Downs MS Rn CIC,Infection Preventionist

"It was sort of the glue that helped the group to meld. Your course evaluations where nearly all 4s – Excellent on a scale of 1-4… You met the goal of setting the stage for collaboration and specifically helping to understand we are all different but can build an effective team. Thank you so... Read More

Janet Prust,Director,Standards and Global Business Development

“Meg was an absolute pleasure to work with from start to finish! Her presentation was hilarious, energetic and crafted just for us - leaving our entire team feeling positive and empowered. We're still receiving positive feedback about how much people enjoyed the session! A definite hit and a... Read More

Samantha Smyth,Communications and Events Manager

“I want to thank you again for your wonderful message, energy, and humor at our event! The feedback is tremendous. Everyone really enjoyed you. You were so professional and interested in our organization. I want to thank you for giving us a memorable evening.”

Maryjo Miller,Endoscopy Nurse Educator

"Meg engaged the audience even before the event, getting to know individuals and hearing their opinions, concerns, and successes, and incorporated that feedback into her presentation. Her delivery was awesome- she had the team in stitches- and I had many people tell me it was the best session of... Read More

Pete van Hezewyk,Senior Director Marketing

“Meg was a smash hit! Her energy, passion and humour is still being talked about at the conference. The extra mile Meg goes to get to know the association and delegates is unmatched.”

Meredith Slack

“I wanted to give you such a big thanks for the joy that you brought to the VCH Leaders and to me as well!  We can’t stop taking about how fun and yet meaningful your talk was. It is not easy to be hilariously funny AND leave behind some useful tools to help deal with life. We all loved it.... Read More

Mary Ackenhusen,President and CEO

“We absolutely loved Meg. She was engaging, informative and most importantly…funny! Her energy was contagious.  Thank you again!”

Tara Algieri

“The Home Care Conference went very well and your session provided an amazing start to this inaugural event. You received accolades from participants and they continued to speak about how amazing your session was in the days that followed. The time you took to know your audience was very evident... Read More

Mary Donovan

"Please accept my sincere appreciation for the outstanding presentation you delivered serving as a keynote speaker for the division’s All Staff Training event. When planning an event such as this for 150 employees, it is imperative to gain the participation of experts in the field who are both... Read More

Trina Mayhan-Webb,Division Director

"Meg, I can tell you that you were a real hit!  Your preparedness was evident and appreciated. Your energy was boundless. You’re a smart and fun lady – simply awesome! The team was talking about you & your techniques days following the presentation. All the topics resonated with the... Read More

Mara Old,Manager Supplier & Project Management

"Thank you for an awesome presentation! Your connection with the audience, the upbeat and humourous presentation and professional review of the different working styles resonated with everyone. It was great to see staff, faculty and residents engaged in the exercises, sharing their perspectives and... Read More

Diane Cross,Clinic Manager,Queen’s Family Health Team

"We had great feedback from participants on your session.  They enjoyed your dynamic personality and the humor!"

Tonya Vyhlidal,Safety Specialist

"On behalf of the Committee, we would like to thank you for your amazing session. It was so interactive and fun and people had a great time. As I looked around people were not on their phones and were actually paying attention. We had a lot of fun while learning about each other’s personalities.... Read More

Timothy Lee,Senior Planner,Policy Planning and Zoning Bylaw Reform

"Meg is an excellent speaker who was able to connect with and ultimately help rejuvenate our preceptors. Meg was extremely flexible when there was a last-minute change to our agenda and jumped in with amazing content that resonated with the audience. We could tell that Meg was very thoughtful and... Read More

Stacey Roseberry,Nurse Manager,Clinical Education Training and Academic Programs

"Thank you very much for sharing your incredible knowledge and enthusiasm with us. You were a pleasure to work with. We are still getting some of our conference survey results in, but so far your keynote presentation has the highest reviews. We look forward to working with you in the future."

Darren Denomme,Executive Director

"Thank you again so much for your presentation at OMTRA – your talk was the highlight of the entire conference!! We had so many positive comments back on your presentation – people absolutely loved it!"

Casey Brendon,President

Selected quotes from OR Managers Conference 2018, Nashville Tennessee session evaluations where Meg achieved an overall rating of 4.9 out of 5.0: "Excellent speaker and so funny that so much of what she said was true!" "Great way to end the conference!" "Wonderful speaker. Great upbeat way... Read More

Feedback from OR Managers Conference 2018,Nashville,Tennessee

"Thank you so much for being such a fantastic part of our conference. I can’t begin to tell you how many positive comments we received from the audience. Everyone simply loved it! You really made our conference a huge success and I can’t thank you enough for that. Thank you again!"

Julia Panzo,President

"Thank you for your valuable contribution and helping to make this year's annual conference a great success! You worked hard to circulate with as many members as possible to get a 'pulse' and as a result, you made it very relevant to them, and you left our delegates feeling happy and inspired!... Read More

Krista Klesch,Manager Learning & Development

"Thank you for such a wonderful, uplifting and entertaining presentation! I have heard many positive comments from staff today – many commented that this was the best session they had ever attended – you made us laugh, reflect on our background, and think positively about our awesome work team.... Read More

Diane Cross,Queen’s Family Health Team

"The conference was a HUGE success and I can’t tell you how many positive comments were shared about Meg’s keynote address. We would love to get to see Meg again! I am so appreciative of the time Meg spent to prepare for our audience – it kept the conversation personal which is so meaningful!"

Carrie Davison,RN BSN CPN,Clinical Manager,Riley Hospital for Children at Indiana University Health

"Thanks Meg - we are still getting rave reviews from those in attendance…We will be sure to pass along your details to anyone looking for a great speaker!"

Andrew Warman,Associate General Counsel

“I wanted to reach out and personally thank you again for your session. The staff really seemed to respond well to your workshop and as a management team we chalk it up as a great success!”

Dave Penny,VP Operations

"Thank you to the PD day planning committee!! My wish came true, to have Meg Soper back to speak, inspire, motivate, make us think, but even more importantly…make us laugh!!! Thank you so much!"

Connie Higgins,Education Assistant

"Your presentation was absolutely fabulous and was truly enjoyed by all. Your content on conflict management and how to deal with different personalities was very engaging and extremely humorous. The feedback we received from our session participants was exceptional! We truly appreciate all the... Read More

Jackie Roberts,Business Development Assistant

Meg presented three workshop sessions at the Symposium and received a 4 out of 4 rating for Presenter Effectiveness on 106 of the 110 evaluations (96%) submitted. Some selected quotes from attendee’s evaluation forms: "Absolutely superb, I really needed to hear her – empowering words... Read More

"Thank you for your part in the great success we had at the Inaugural Canadian Women in Medicine Wellness Conference. It was such a pleasure to have you present. You were the perfect person to have at our event, to a full house, with standing room only. Thank you for your presence, your support,... Read More

Setareh Ziai MD,Conference Chair

“Your presentation was truly a wonderful contribution to the 2018 OR Manager Conference and PACU Manager Summit. I’m really looking forward to working with you in the future!”

Taylor McCarthy,Conference Program Manager

"The feedback we have received in the days following this event has been immensely positive and centered around you! Your energy, spark, ability to relate, and personal-touch with very accurate references, left everyone empowered and feeling connected to something larger than... Read More

Paula Wagner,Advisor - Agency Communications

"Thank you Meg Soper for sharing your energy with #EQAO. You provided a personalized opportunity to explore change and productivity through a lens of well-being and humour."

Dr. Steven Reid,Chief Assessment Officer

“We have received so many compliments on your presentation. You were magnificent. Thank you so much for doing so much work on the front end and personalizing your work. We really enjoyed your presentation!”

Lisa Canada

“Thank you so very much for the time and passion that went into your presentation to our group. There were so many “we have GOT to have Meg back…”, “she was the best thing we have EVER done at Winter Training”, and so on. You are a big hit here at OE3; people are still talking about... Read More

Jim D. Foord,Manager,HR & Staff Development

"Thanks a ton for your outstanding presentation. We loved it! Fun, informative, and your customization for TD was a huge value add! #MillennialsRock #Bringiton"

Scott Belton,Senior Vice President

"We were thrilled with the event and have had great feedback. I would like to thank you for the work you put into your keynote speech. I have sat on planning committees that have engaged speakers before and attended many conferences with keynotes. I have never experienced a speaker that does the... Read More

Janet Rose,Engagement and Education Coordinator

“From our SUNY College of Optometry team and myself, we want to give you a very big thank you for coming to our faculty retreat and giving us such an amazing presentation. You were hilarious, brilliant, and moving on many levels. We hope you can join us again in the future for retreats or... Read More

Focrun Nahar,Academic Program Coordinator

“Thank you very much for your outstanding facilitation of our all-staff day. Your humor, insight, leadership, and knowledge are true gifts and we were grateful beneficiaries on that day. The evaluations back have been superb, with you as the unquestioned highlight.”

Barbara Grantham,President and CEO

“Thank you for all the work you put into the presentation for us. We loved it and the participants are raving about it! It was the perfect way to end our day and I am so pleased that we were able to have you join us and inspire us. We will certainly recommend you to anyone who is looking for a... Read More

Melanie Isber

“Your Keynote was fabulous – just what we needed to end the conference - Laughter truly is the best medicine.  You certainly did inspire, motivate and entertain the group.  It has been a sincere pleasure working with you. Thank you!”

Deb Toland,Victim/Witness Assistance Program

“Meg Soper spoke to a group of municipal employees from across Canada and her ‘Bring it on’ presentation was fabulous and worth its weight in gold. Tackling generational differences can be a difficult topic. Meg handled it with ease. With her knowledge, delivery and interactive approach, Meg... Read More

Connie Wheeler,Manager

"Your presentations were such a hit. I’m still receiving compliments on what a great session it was and how the staff are still laughing about it, and how much they needed that. I’ve even heard comments that it was the best Nurse’s Week they’ve ever had. I would love to have you... Read More

Madeline Finegan

“Thank you for being part of our successful conference. Having you as a keynote to end it was amazing. You scored a 705/708 rating – which is 99.6% … almost a perfect rating! Thank you for your great, inspirational, funny and motivating performance.”

Gil Laflamme

“The feedback from your presentation was excellent. I had people tell me that your presentation alone was worth the cost of the conference. Thank you for getting us started with a bang! It truly set the tone for the conference and people are still talking about you!”

Candace Kenyon

“We have had nothing but positive comments from all of our groups. Everyone enjoyed your lighthearted, down to earth humor and also got some valuable messages to take home with them. I am still hearing people talk about how much they enjoyed the session. Thank you very much Meg Soper for leaving... Read More

Sue Kuchinka

“Your presentation was incredible. I don’t know if I have ever witnessed that kind of energy from that crowd. You were able to balance humor with new learning and a healthy dose of tolerance building.”

Alison Jacobs

“Thank you for your terrific presentation at our 14th Annual HealthCare Service Excellence Conference. Your session received a perfect rating of 5 out of 5 - the highest a general session has ever received on our stage. There were so many moments of laughter, learning, inspiration, engagement,... Read More

Pat Goodberry-Dyck, Conference Chair

“Not only were you amazing but you allowed us to finish our conference with a bang! What an incredible way to end two great days! Our guests loved you AND couldn’t say enough great things about how they felt as they walked out of the room. Thank you so much Meg”

Kim Luther,Regional Director

"It was an awesome day. You really brought everything to the stage! The feedback has been excellent...raving about this being "the best department meeting ever." There will be no way to top it. Thank you!"

“Thank you Meg… you did a fantastic job. It was great having everyone participate. It is hard for some in the crowd to be social and you succeeded in getting the group involved. It was a great evening and I don’t know how we can top it for next year!”

Maureen Fraser,Department of Applied Mathematics

"We have had Meg Soper with us at the Pacific Dental Conference for the past 5 years. She is excellent! She packs the room and consistently receives standing ovations in each of her sessions. She tailors her presentation to dental professionals and each year has been approved for CE Credits. Meg is... Read More

Shannon Brown

“Thank you so much for being such a fantastic part of our conference. I can’t begin to tell you how many positive comments we received from the audience. Everyone simply loved it!  You really made our conference a huge success and I can’t thank you enough for that. Thank you... Read More

“YOU are awesome. Thank you so much for making our evening so fun. I was so impressed with how you worked in the material you were given. We received so many comments from people about how they enjoyed your presentation. It was a highlight and by far the best entertainment we have had at our... Read More

Andrea Magee

“Meg was an absolute star and everyone loved her. I appreciated the time she spent with everyone and how she got to know people before the conference. Just some of the feedback that we received was ‘very applicable…lots of info … but made learning it fun’ and ‘she is the best … keep... Read More

Moyra Kern

“You left me in a state of awe…and surpassed my expectations twelvefold. Thank you Meg for bringing in some fun and fresh air into the event and our day to day lives! It was truly an honor having your present to the team!”

Shelley Edwards,Human Resources Manager

“Meg, thank you again for a great opening keynote. You were truly amazing and hilarious! The feedback has been great. I really appreciate the time you took to get to know our conference and audience so that you could tailor your messaging … your dedication showed. I hope we have the... Read More

Kim Keating

“They absolutely loved you Meg. I had so many of the folks you had spoken with the night before come to me and tell me how much they enjoyed connecting with you. After your presentation, I was mobbed by individuals wanting to share their thoughts about how much they enjoyed you. You ended our... Read More

Bev J. Leavitt,President/CEO

"You spoke at our meeting this past April and received RAVE reviews!! Everyone loved you and we want you back!"

Lois F. Duerst, Chair Scientific Session Committee

"Thank you very much for your most amazing, inspiring, passionate, energetic, captivating and hilarious (in a most wonderful way) presentation! It is so evident that you put your heart and soul into your presentations - even the questions you asked beforehand are indicative of the commendable level... Read More

Kristin Courtney

Well your ears must be buzzing as the saying goes, so many in our group have reached out to me saying "best seminar ever" and they all say how much they enjoyed your presentation. People are quoting you in the hallways and laughing. I have had multiple requests to have you back again. You really... Read More

“Well where do I begin?  Everyone was raving about you!  You truly are the first person anyone can remember getting a standing ovation!  We heard so many compliments … (lots of “best ever”) and have received many emails.  That is really on you!  Thank you for being so great to work... Read More

Carol Hauser, Right at Home, Community Relations Director

The feedback and evaluations from both of the events hosted by Meg were overwhelming. She brings an uncommon blend of humor, professionalism and energy to the platform that keeps the audience completely engaged. She was an absolutely integral ingredient of the event’s success. I highly recommend... Read More

"We have received such amazing feedback from your presentation … you were absolutely fabulous. I have hired a lot of comedians and professional speakers in my career and I would easily put you at the top of my list."

So many participants took the time to tell me how much they enjoyed your hour of tips and laughs. We had a tremendous amount of positive feedback. It was great. You really set the tone for the rest of the day. Thank you for being such a great spirit and a fantastic entertainer!

Meg does her homework well and tailored her session to our audience. She grasped and played upon the nuances of the profession and interwove her message of fun, passion and balance into an energetic presentation that came across as one that was unique and developed just for us. Meg as a keynote... Read More

“Wow! You were absolutely the best! Words cannot express how we feel about your contributions to the Exelon-Baltimore Diversity and Inclusion Week. You shared your expertise and presented an amazing, unforgettable session on strategies to create a diverse and inclusive workplace! The buzz is... Read More

Vanessa Morris,Product Manager

"Meg’s professionalism and dedication to making her presentation the best it could be was impressive. Meg proactively took the time to understand our organization and the objectives for the session and this resulted in a relevant, informative and exceptionally entertaining event. Meg is a highly... Read More

"The audience was engaged, entertained and educated in such a way as to draw on all of our emotions from pensive reflection to uncontrollable laughter – yours is truly a remarkable and unique talent. Equally as amazing is the high level of energy that never lets up. You left a lasting impression... Read More

"All the seminar attendees had a big laugh and were left with an important life message. There was standing room only because you were such a huge success. As your sponsor, Tri-Core Projects, a first time attendee to the Western Canadian Road Builders and Heavy Construction Association Conference,... Read More

"Meg was our keynote speaker at our E*Value Healthcare Education Conference. She entertained, inspired, made us think and certainly made us all laugh. She got people up out of their seats, engaging with peers and energized us all for the three day conference. Her perspectives and strategies are... Read More

"The delegation consisting of such a wide generation spectrum could totally relate…Meg’s presentation was engaging and heartfelt…a remarkable different translation to the workplace and home balance…what a burst of energy she is. A total hit!"

"Your presentation was one of the highlights of our event and people will be talking about it for some time. You came highly recommended and I can truly see why."

"We LOVED Meg Soper! She was funny, inspirational and very in-tuned with the audience. She got the audience involved and was ‘right on’ with some of her comments. She gave the audience some things to think about, laugh about, and made them feel appreciated, which is so important in our line of... Read More

"Meg was absolutely fabulous! She arrived the evening before, mingled with us, asking questions about our different work positions and then incorporated this into her presentation … it was fantastic. Most of the feedback forms rated her 10 out of 5 and the comments were all just great. Meg was an... Read More

"It was evident that you did your homework and planned your presentation to ensure success. You effortlessly weaved our interests, achievements, and challenges into the material, to touch us personally…You have a real gift! Thank you for the inspiration and more importantly; allowing us to let... Read More

"The message that Meg brings to her audience is fantastic, but even more impressive is how she makes each presentation unique. I have yet to come across another speaker who puts in the thought, the effort and the integrity into getting to know her audience so that her work has more meaning. She is... Read More

“Meg, I can’t thank you enough! You nailed it with your presentation. Our members had a great time and your keynote was the perfect start for our convention!”

Sandra Mulken,2nd Vice President

Feedback from the Ontario Brain Injury Association Annual Conference: “Incredibly inspirational and engaging. Practical, relevant information provided in a fun, humorous way.” “Best speaker I have heard in a long time. So engaging, inspiring, positive, and hilarious.” “Great... Read More

Selected quotes from Society of Gastroenterology Nurses and Associates 2018 Annual Conference: “This was by far my favorite speaker. She was informative, entertaining and knew how to keep the crowd engaged the entire time... She kept us engaged and laughing the entire time. I can’t say... Read More

Feedback from the 2018 Canadian Association of Municipal Administrators Conference: “Great way to end the conference on such an upbeat note. She appealed to all of the delegates.” “My favourite closing keynote speaker since attending CAMA. Meg was fabulous and her message very... Read More

“Well your ears must be buzzing as the saying goes, so many in our group have reached out to me saying "best seminar ever" and they all say how much they enjoyed your presentation. People are quoting you in the hallways and laughing.  I have had multiple requests to have you back again. You... Read More

Barb Lutterman DH BS,Quality Assurance

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