Preserving Your Last Nerve

Conflict is a natural part of life. So, when a conflict situation arises, do you veer out of the way, or do you say: “Bring it On” and charge head first at the problem?

Meg’s Conflict Management Workshop is designed to create awareness of the different conflict-handling styles and help us identify our own conflict handling preferences. The goal is to help us get better at resolving differences, leading to improving relationships with others, whether at work or at home.

Workshop Takeaways

    • Learn to identify the primary sources of conflict.
    • Gain insights to identify and distinguish the five different conflict handling styles using the Hiam Dealing with Conflict instrument.
    • Learn the tendencies and challenges presented by each of the five conflict handling styles.
    • Better understand your conflict handling style and learn how to flex that style to become more effective in communicating with others.
    • Identify the key elements of a successful conversation leading to an improved ability to navigate difficult conversations.

    Participants will leave this workshop equipped with practical techniques and strategies to help them manage and resolve conflict effectively, creating a healthier, happier, and more productive workplace environment.

    Meg works with clients across the United States and Canada and can tailor the workshop to address your organization’s specific goals and design interactive activities to enhance the experience for participants. Simply set up a consultation and she will work with you to develop a workshop customized for your organization. No matter what your business, theme, or needs, our workshop will speak to it.

    Workshop Format

      • Provide an in-depth look at each conflict style, with more time devoted to aspects of conflict resolution, conflict management, and dealing with different Personality Styles.
      • Use interactive exercises to emphasize key teaching points.
      • Share laughter and positive energy with participants.
      • End the day with a high energy team building exercise.

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