Be prepared for your next event!

When you book an event, presentation, or workshop with us, you’ll receive a package with the following components:

Meg’s Bio

Meg’s bio can be tailored to the specifics of your organization and audience -for example healthcare, government, union, etc.

Click here to download Meg’s bio.


Click on the images to download the high-res versions:

Motivational Speaker
Humorist Speaker
Motivational Humorist Speaker
Motivational Speaker
Humorist Speaker

Outline for Your Keynote Presentation or Workshop

You will receive an outline for the presentation or workshop topic you have chosen for your event.

Remember that any presentation or workshop can be customized to your needs, so consider the outline a starting point!

Customization Questions

To customize your event, we send you a set of questions.

We ask that you send these to a cross-section of attendees (usually 6 – 8 works well), compile the responses into one Word document or email, and send them back to us two weeks before your event.