Meg has spoken to Union organizations in construction, healthcare, food and the public sector across North America. As a member of a Nurses Union during her career in healthcare, she understands the vital role that Unions play in creating a safe, fair and inclusive work environment for their members. Her keynote presentations provide humor and inspiration while offering insights on dealing with stress and managing effectively when encountering obstacles at work and in life.

Meg also offers engaging and interactive workshops. She will work with you to customize your workshop to ensure it aligns with your organizations key objectives and specific needs. 

Her most popular presentations and workshops cover topics relevant to unions, including managing and resolving conflict, working with different generations and different personalities in the workplace, strategies to ensure a healthy work-life balance, and more!

“Thank you so very much for the time and passion that went into your presentation to our group. There were so many: “we have GOT to have Meg back…”, “she was the best thing we have EVER done at Winter Training” and so on. You are a big hit at OE Local 3; people are still talking about you!”

Jim D. Foord, Human Resources & Staff Development
Operating Engineers Local 3
Alameda, California, USA

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Unions Client Testimonials

We had fantastic feedback regarding your Keynote! You hit all the nails on the head…On a five-point scale, your average was 4.8. AMAZING!!   Comments from selected attendees... Read More

Minnesota Association of Professional Employees (MAPE)

Angela Halseth, Vice President

Thank you so much for speaking at the Office, Clerical and Technical Union PD Day Event. Our members were so uplifted and entertained by your presentation. So many folks thanked... Read More

Ontario Secondary School Teachers Federation D-20 Burlington, Ontario, Canada

Linn Maund, President

“We have received so many compliments on your presentation. You were magnificent. Thank you so much for doing so much work on the front end and personalizing your work. We... Read More

Michigan Regional Council of Carpenters

Lisa Canada

“Thank you so very much for the time and passion that went into your presentation to our group. There were so many “we have GOT to have Meg back…”, “she was the best... Read More

Operating Engineers Local 3

Jim D. Foord,Manager,HR & Staff Development

“Thank you for being part of our successful conference. Having you as a keynote to end it was amazing. You scored a 705/708 rating – which is 99.6% … almost a perfect... Read More

AUPE – Alberta Union of Provincial Employees

Gil Laflamme

"The audience was engaged, entertained and educated in such a way as to draw on all of our emotions from pensive reflection to uncontrollable laughter – yours is truly a... Read More

International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers – IBEW

“Meg, I can’t thank you enough! You nailed it with your presentation. Our members had a great time and your keynote was the perfect start for our convention!”

NSGEU – Nova Scotia Government and General Employees Union

Sandra Mulken,2nd Vice President

Our Union Clients

  • Alberta Union of Provincial Employees
  • American Federation of Government Employees
  • Atlantic Nurses Union Labor School
  • Registered Nurses Union Newfoundland and Labrador
  • Manitoba Government and General Employee Union
  • Manitoba Nurses Union
  • Michigan Regional Council Carpenters and Millwrights
  • National Union of Public and General Employees
  • National Veterans Affairs Council
  • New Brunswick Nurses Union
  • Nova Scotia Government and General Employees Union
  • Nova Scotia Nurses Union
  • Ontario Council Hospital Unions
  • Ontario Nurses Association
  • Operating Engineers Local 3
  • Saskatchewan Union of Nurses
  • United Brotherhood of Electrical Workers
  • United Food & Commercial Workers Local 7