Meg Soper Keynote Presentations

Are you looking for someone to pump up your event with inspiration and humor?

Look no further. Meg Soper’s keynote presentations will energize your audience with laughter while providing practical strategies for dealing with the daily challenges of work and life!

These presentations blend Meg’s insights with her extraordinary humor for a unique, unforgettable experience.

Over the past three decades Meg has worked as a healthcare professional, become a foremost stand-up comedian, and raised a family. She’s learned a lot of life lessons along the way, which she’s turned into motivational presentations for a wide variety of businesses and organizations.

Speakers Caution: Side Effects You May Experience

  • Unexpected insights leading to prolonged laughter
  • Excess demand for your organization’s next event
  • Audience participation and interaction
  • Shifted perspective and increased motivation
  • Ability to bounce back from stress

We Customize Our Presentations

Just tell us what you’re looking for, and we can set you up with a funny and inspirational presentation designed to connect with your audience. No matter what your business, theme, or needs, we can tailor our presentations to speak to it.

Keynote presentations run between 45 – 75 minutes, depending on your needs.

Meg’s Keynote Presentations


Wit, Fit and Balance … Strategies for Success

This is a high energy and interactive presentation that sheds a humorous light on the stresses of everyday life. It offers a lighthearted look at how we can shift our perspective to be more in control of our thoughts and emotions. The powerful theme woven throughout the presentation is that we are in charge of the energy we bring with us in dealing with life’s challenges.

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Get Connected and Stay Plugged In

This presentation brings laughter and energy from audience interaction to the topic of conflict management and dealing with different personalities in the workplace. In this highly engaging session people gain a better understanding of each other’s challenges and unique qualities, helping to enhance relationships both at work and at home.

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Bring It On … Strategies to Create a Positive Workplace

In this high energy and interactive presentation, Meg examines how emotions, perceptions, and preconceived ideas can impact our day-to-day interactions with others – especially across the generations. Understanding generational differences helps us create an atmosphere where we can communicate more effectively and maintain a positive workplace environment.

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Humor Is One Size Fits All

Whether you’re facing the perils of middle age or juggling a career and family, Meg will help you find a laugh along the way. Run some of Meg’s pithy, stress-relieving ideas up the flagpole and learn to embrace her philosophy that “life is too short to stuff a mushroom”.

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Event Hosting

Set the tone of your event with positive energy and an interactive spirit. Meg is an experienced M.C. who keeps the room engaged and the energy high. Her unique ability to connect with people allows her to bring an added dimension to the role of M.C. for any and all types of events.

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Opening Kick Off and Bring It Home Closing

Meg’s unique ability to connect with people makes her the ideal speaker to open AND close a conference. She will set the tone of the day with positive and interactive energy, and then deliver an unforgettable closing that includes customized stories and anecdotes from the event itself.

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