Who Is Meg Anyway?

Meg Soper is a leading motivational humorist speaker for organizations in North America.

She has a unique perspective, combining the insights and experiences of her last thirty years spent as a Registered Nurse, stand-up comedian, and ultimately a motivational speaker.

A veteran performer, she got her start at various comedy clubs across Canada, and over the years shared the stage with many leading comedy acts including Ray Romano and Ellen Degeneres.

Her experiences as a staff nurse and operating room nurse in major urban teaching hospitals and regional healthcare facilities shaped her perspective. It taught her how humor can help us effectively deal with stressful situations in our personal and professional lives. 

It seemed natural for Meg to combine her talents, and so, she became a leading motivational humorist who helps organizations manage change and create a more positive workplace environment.

Humor Melts Stress!

Meg’s emergence as a workplace motivational speaker was inspired by her ability to make people laugh. She saw how laughter could alter attitudes and help people cope in difficult situations. Out of the pressure-packed environment of the hospital operating room and balancing two careers, Meg realized humor is extremely effective for dealing with stress and managing change.

And how better to motivate and entertain her audiences than through humor and inspiration? That’s why her unique brand of motivational comedy is referred to as “Humor with a Heart”. She inspires people to improve communication, deal with stress, and achieve better balance in their lives while establishing a healthy workplace and home life.

Across North America, Meg is highly sought after to energize events and inspire employees through keynote presentations, as an M.C., or through interactive workshops.

It all comes down to choices. We always have a choice about how we do our work, even if we don’t have a choice about the work itself. We choose the attitude we bring with us to work and to life, and the ability to decide whether any given day will be good or bad. If we have the ability to step back from a situation and see the humor in it, we quickly realize that life can be less stressful. 

Remember: Humor melts stress!

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What Else Has Meg Done?

  • DiSC Certification

In 2017, Meg completed the Personality Dimensions workshop and became a Certified Everything DiSC Trainer. The certification enables Meg to help organizations learn more about creating healthy positive workplace environments. 

  • Comic Vision Fundraising Tour

Comic-Vision-LogoIn 1999, together with close friend Ann Morrison, Meg co-founded Comic Vision, an annual national six city comedy tour that raises funds and awareness for the Foundation Fighting Blindness.

The idea was inspired by Ann’s son who was diagnosed with Retinitis Pigmentosa, a degenerative disease of the retina. Some of Canada’s top performing comedians gather in cities across the country to bring laughter to audiences and raise funds to support research in hopes of developing a cure for eye disease.

Comic Vision has raised over 7 million dollars and is evidence that humor can make a difference.

  • Books and Media

Meg Soper's BookIn 2011, Meg co-authored the book, “From the Stage to the Page – Life Lessons from Four Funny Ladies”. In this book Meg joins forces with three other women to capture their passion for life and their use of humor to make a difference in people’s lives. 

She is also co-author of the book, “Expert Women Who Speak … Speak Out” (Volume 6 – 2006), a collaborative work of women professional speakers, trainers, and coaches.

Meg has appeared on the CBC Television network, Women’s Television network, and Prime TV as well as on radio and at comedy festivals.

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