Edmonton 2011 - 2Set the tone of any event with positive energy and an interactive spirit!

Meg is an experienced, funny host for any and all types of events – she’ll keep the room engaged and the energy high with her relatable stories and humor only a stand-up comedian could deliver. Her unique ability to connect with people allows her to bring an added dimension to the role of event host.

With Meg around, your audience will leave the event feeling enlightened and energized.

Meg works with clients across the United States and Canada and can tailor the workshop to address your organization’s specific goals and design interactive activities to enhance the experience for participants. Simply set up a consultation and she will work with you to develop a workshop customized for your organization. No matter what your business, theme, or needs, our workshop will speak to it.

The Nitty Gritty

Meg will:

  • Consult in the preplanning stages with regards to the agenda and theme of the event
  • Network ahead of the event to gain a thorough understanding of your audience
  • Facilitate any networking activities or panel discussions
  • Keep your event running on time
  • Connect with different speakers and presenters to ensure timing and content are aligned
  • Introduce the different speakers and presenters
  • Weave in stories and quotes from the attendees as they unfold during the event
  • Keep energy high throughout the event and between segments

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