Sign Up for “Creating Infinite Health” – A Free Online Symposium Featuring Meg Soper and Other Health Experts

Posted by Meg Soper, 20-09-2017

Your personal health is important – as I’ve said before, you need to make YOURSELF a priority! Take some time to learn more about your health and wellbeing at the upcoming Creating Infinite Health 2017 Global Health Care Symposium.

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Meg’s Vlog: Leading by Example

Posted by Meg Soper, 14-09-2017

Inspiration is everywhere. We don’t need to be the CEO or the manager to show leadership; we just need to lead by example and lift up the people around us.

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Personalities in the Workplace: The Toughest Nut to Crack

Posted by Meg Soper, 22-08-2017

Colleagues in the workplace will always have their differences – but ultimately, the best teams are made up of DIVERSE personalities!

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Life as a Professional Motivational Speaker: Lessons Learned – Everyone Has a Story

Posted by Meg Soper, 03-08-2017

Storytelling can break down barriers. Whether it is a room of 7 or 100 people, it offers endless possibilities for discovery. As a professional motivator, I help bring stories to the surface – because that is where the magic happens.

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Life as a Professional Motivational Speaker – Lessons Learned

Posted by Meg Soper, 13-07-2017

We all need a lift in our lives. I love being able to deliver that ‘lift.’ Like a cup of coffee with legs.

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Here’s to an AmEHzing Canada 150!

Posted by Meg Soper, 29-06-2017

As we approach our nation’s 150th birthday, it seems appropriate to reflect on what defines us as Canadians. Of course there are the usual Canadian stereotypes– you know, the polite, hockey-loving folks who wear toques, eat back bacon, swill maple syrup, and who are prone to saying ‘Eh?’

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Meg’s Vlog: Humour in Adversity

Posted by Meg Soper, 20-06-2017

Everyone faces adversity in life – but it’s how we react to adversity that makes the difference. Finding humour in your situation and looking at the positives are powerful mechanisms for keeping the stressors from getting you down.

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In the Comfort Zone? Try Stepping Out!

Posted by Meg Soper, 02-05-2017

Often it is fear of failure or lack of confidence that holds us back. So we stick with what we know and hang back in the ‘comfort zone.’

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Meg’s Vlog: The Bathroom Incident

Posted by Meg Soper, 18-04-2017

Does ‘First Come, First Served’ apply in the realm of a public washroom, or not?

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Taming Your Inner Reptile: Meg’s Tips for Controlling Brain Chatter

Posted by Meg Soper, 31-03-2017

We all live with ‘Brain Chatter’. You know, those times when your attention is held hostage by a loop of negative thoughts or emotions, sapping your energy and productivity.

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Meg in Action: Strathroy Middlesex Hospital Nurses Week Celebration [Video]

Posted by Meg Soper, 15-03-2017

Watch me in action in our latest video from Strathroy Middlesex Hospital at their Nurses Week Celebration!

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Meg’s Vlog: Simple Steps for Managing Your Health

Posted by Meg Soper, 28-02-2017

“I wish I learned what I know now about managing health 30 years ago!”

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Your Mental Mindset – Wisdom from Professional Golfer Victoria Lovelady

Posted by Meg Soper, 21-02-2017

I recently had the pleasure of meeting a woman professional golfer from Brazil by the name of Victoria Lovelady.

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Healthier, Happier, Smarter: We Choose How We Live Our Lives

Posted by Meg Soper, 07-02-2017

I recently presented to a group of event planners on the subject of “Managing Stress and Finding Work-Life Balance”.

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Meg’s Vlog: 3 Steps for Surviving the Winter

Posted by Meg Soper, 26-01-2017

How do we stay on track and stay positive for the winter season?

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What’s Nutrition Got to Do with It? Take the 21 Day Challenge!

Posted by Meg Soper, 20-01-2017

You’re probably wondering why a professional motivational speaker is bothering to talk about nutrition in her blog…

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Tips over the Edge – Skiing, Family, and Tackling Hurdles in 2017

Posted by Meg Soper, 11-01-2017

Ski holidays have been a mainstay for our family for nearly 20 years. This January, we found ourselves in the mountains of BC.

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Meg’s Vlog: Being Inspired and Setting Goals for 2017

Posted by Meg Soper, 19-12-2016

Welcome to my first vlog post! These vlogs will be short videos about my thoughts and experiences as I make my way through the challenges and uplifting moments of everyday life.

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Shifting Perspectives: The Holiday Edition

Posted by Meg Soper, 13-12-2016

The holiday season is an emotional powderkeg. It is a time to gather with family – to honor tradition and give thanks.

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The Ripple Effect of Negative Energy

Posted by Meg Soper, 15-11-2016

Our daughter Mads – a millennial – is in her final year at Dalhousie University, and is working for a catering company in Halifax to help pay her way through school.

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The Corporate Thriver: Four Steps to Achieving Better Work-Life Balance

Posted by Meg Soper, 02-11-2016

Work-life balance is important in every industry – so why do so many of us in the corporate world take our own well-being for granted?

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My Parental Playbook: The Empty Nest Revisited

Posted by Meg Soper, 18-10-2016

We had just adjusted to a millennial-free home when about five months ago, my oldest kid boomeranged back after two years of “the year of Will”.

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What a Female Motivational Speaker Brings to the Table

Posted by Meg Soper, 04-10-2016

Every motivational keynote speaker brings their own unique energy and personal background to the platform.

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Head Down? Put Your Helmet On!

Posted by Meg Soper, 15-09-2016

Have you ever gotten so immersed in something that you fail to notice what is going on around you, forget an important commitment, or miss out on something more important than your immediate goal or activity?

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The Four Personality Styles Part 4

Posted by Meg Soper, 06-09-2016

Have you ever wondered why it is that some people attract us and others repel us? Now, let’s consider the final type of behavioral style – the Director.

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The Four Personality Styles Part 3

Posted by Meg Soper, 17-08-2016

Have you ever wondered what factors are at work to explain why some people attract us and others repel us? We have now come to look at the third type – the Analytical.

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The Four Personality Styles Part 2

Posted by Meg Soper, 05-08-2016

Have you ever wondered what factors are at work to explain why some people attract us and others repel us? For our second blog in this series, let’s focus on The Socializer.

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The Four Personality Styles Part 1

Posted by Meg Soper, 22-07-2016

Have you ever wondered what factors are at work to explain why some people attract us and others repel us? Let’s begin this series on Personality Styles by considering The Supporter.

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8 Strategies for Effective Conflict Management in the Workplace

Posted by Meg Soper, 07-07-2016

“To handle yourself, use your head; to handle others, use your heart.” - Eleanor Roosevelt

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The 30 Minute Rule: Make it Yours!

Posted by Meg Soper, 23-06-2016

How well do you take care of yourself? Really well? Kinda well? Not so well, but ready to take it up a notch?

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How to See the Humor in Stressful Situations

Posted by Meg Soper, 07-06-2016

“Humor is tragedy plus time.” - Mark Twain

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Motivational Speaking Events: Do They Improve Employee Engagement?

Posted by Meg Soper, 19-05-2016

Successful organizations aren’t built by hard numbers and cold facts – they’re built through the dedication, commitment, and effort of their people. The hard numbers and cold facts are the result, not the cause.

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The Importance of Work-Life Balance in the Healthcare Industry

Posted by Meg Soper, 04-05-2016

Work-life balance is essential in every industry – for every professional, employee, and executive.

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Why Use Humor as a Motivational Tool in the Workplace?

Posted by Meg Soper, 20-04-2016

Humor is the Swiss Army Knife of life-tools. Humor relieves stress, brings people closer together, and is persuasive.

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The Sandwich and the Cat

Posted by Meg Soper, 31-03-2016

For something that sounds like it should be delicious, being in the sandwich generation can be challenging.

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Change? Bring it on … I can take it!

Posted by Meg Soper, 12-01-2016

Change can be subtle or change can be sudden. But one thing is sure...change never sleeps, as some recent happenings in Meg's life make clear.

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Generations & the Workplace: “Now Let’s All Just Get Along!”

Posted by Meg Soper, 18-11-2015

The changing nature of work in the Information Age - and its implications for how the different generations choose to interact as they vie for rewarding and productive careers.

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Do Less, Live More!

Posted by Meg Soper, 19-10-2015

A book review that considers how taking a more minimalist approach to possessions can liberate our souls!

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My Favorite Season?

Posted by Meg Soper, 01-09-2015

Meg wades in to debate why summertime may be her favorite season...or not?

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Making Your Event a Success: Five Key Ingredients

Posted by Meg Soper, 14-08-2015

As a professional speaker who has delivered hundreds of keynote presentations and workshops over the years, I have had many opportunities to listen to audience feedback about what contributed to the success of an event.

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Reflections On Hitting The Big Two Five

Posted by Meg Soper, 09-06-2015

"Marriage is an alliance entered into by a man who can't sleep with the window shut, and a woman who can't sleep with the window open." George Bernard Shaw

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Want To Be a Better Problem Solver?

Posted by Meg Soper, 04-04-2015

While some debate whether Einstein actually said this, there is little doubt that he was a brilliant problem solver, who took the time to get absolutely clear about the nature of any problem he set out to solve.

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What Is Your Problem Solving Style?

Posted by Meg Soper, 13-04-2015

Many of the client organizations I work with today are faced with complex challenges that call for teamwork and collaboration to solve. This blog will delve into the dynamics of problem solving from the standpoint of individual problem solving styles.

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Racing With The Sun

Posted by Meg Soper, 12-01-2015

Vacations shouldn’t feel like a race against the clock. But for a few hours this one sure did. To read about Meg and her family’s exciting escape to El Salvador click on the link…

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Doing Nothing Well

Posted by Meg Soper, 12-06-2015

Those who know me know I don’t do ‘nothing’ well. As in sitting around, doing nothing.

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Spring Cleaning

Posted by Meg Soper, 18-04-2015

After months of being cooped inside, many Canadians embrace a trip to the dump as one of those classic springtime rituals. This year we seized upon the opportunity to rid ourselves of monumental amounts of obsolete electronics: computers, keyboards, cables, outdated cell phones, malfunctioning VCRs, a mass tangle of assorted cables and a 12 year old big screen TV that weighed about as much as a Smart car.

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Err Canada (or How Our National Airline Nearly Stole Christmas)

Posted by Meg Soper, 14-02-2015

Vacations should reduce stress, right? That was our aim when we plunked down a small fortune for a fun in the sun holiday last Christmas. Day 1: Departure.

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When Life Dares You to Complain

Posted by Meg Soper, 20-11-2014

Our amazing profession bonds together wide-eyed new graduates and wily veterans alike because the work we do touches people in every community across this country.

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Strap on the Seatbelt…

Posted by Meg Soper, 02-11-2014

Have you ever initiated a conversation and then watched it stray off course? You blurt out something and then wish a suction device could kick in and hoover back the offending words … let you start all over?

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Follow the Sun (And Daughter)

Posted by Meg Soper, 08-09-2014

We have been climbing hard for over three hours and find ourselves perched upon the Dragon’s Back, a slender ledge of rock on the upper slopes of Mount Rundle in Banff National Park.

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Sometimes Intuition Ain’t Worth Beans

Posted by Meg Soper, 27-05-2014

In my last blog I urged you to ‘Strap on the Seatbelt and Have the Conversation.’ But what happens when the going gets really tough? As in when the person on the other end of the conversation isn’t quite playing by your set of rules?

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More News from the Empty Nest

Posted by Meg Soper, 22-04-2014

Almost exactly a year before the above noted exchange with my daughter, Maddy, I was experiencing my first taste of empty nester’s syndrome as we sent her off to university in Halifax. Now it seemed I had a different kind of nest to worry about.

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My Parental Playbook: The Final Chapter

Posted by Meg Soper, 20-04-2014

We have just driven a rusted, decrepit minivan across eastern North America to deliver our daughter to University.

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Black Holes, Chainsaws & Other Life Lessons From North of Superior

Posted by Meg Soper, 27-03-2014

For a true city girl, taking the road less travelled can be a little daunting, particularly in the dead of winter, North of Superior. But one of the joys of my profession is travelling across this amazing country, meeting people of all walks, and hearing their unique stories. As an added benefit, for someone who doesn’t know the difference between what is due north and what is a dew worm, my vocation offers a firsthand opportunity to make up for a lack of proficiency in the subject of Canadian geography.

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Looking After What is Important?

Posted by Meg Soper, 12-05-2012

Spring has arrived. And as I peer out the living room window, I see stark reminders of the things that need tending. The lawn, for one, is already a mass of weeds.

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Humour Helps us Kick the Covers off in the Morning

Posted by Meg Soper, 24-03-2012

Whether you are a wide eyed graduate or wily veteran, this amazing profession bonds us together because our work touches people everywhere across this vast nation. You may have to travel a desolate logging road to a remote First Nation community or brave the mayhem of a 16 lane highway in your daily commute to work, but once there we are bonded by a single powerful thread: the work we each do makes a big difference in the lives of our patients, clients, colleagues and residents.

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