Posted by Meg Soper, 04-10-2016

Every motivational keynote speaker brings their own unique energy and personal background to the platform. Motivational speaker or not, we’ve all faced different challenges in our lives and have developed our own ways of overcoming them. My favourite way for dealing with challenges and stress? In a word: Humor!

While I certainly can’t speak for every other female motivational speaker out there, I will share my perspective on the benefits I personally bring to the table that relate to my experiences as a woman:

High Emotional Intelligence

As a female motivational speaker, I always take the time to know and understand my audience, which helps me create and maintain rapport and mutual understanding throughout my presentation or workshop. Through my own experiences in life, I am able to relate to my audiences on many different levels! I read the crowd and form a unique bond with the participants.

Women – and lots of men! – tend to have strong “soft” skills, which is a huge asset for connecting with an audience. Soft skills are those social, interpersonal, and relational skills that are sometimes overlooked but are oh-so important!

Understands the Value of Strong Interpersonal Relationships

A function of those “soft” skills, I recognize the importance of strong interpersonal relationships in all aspects of life.

This helps me provide the best experience for my clients for two major reasons:

  • I am interested in developing long-lasting, valuable relationships with my clients.
  • I will bring my many different perspectives on the various relationships in my life to my speaking engagements – giving me even more to connect with the audience about. For example, I have been a nurturing mother raising a family while pursuing career-related goals, a resilient parent guiding older millennials who are finding their way in the world, a loving wife of 26 years, a registered nurse helping patients and supporting others who work in the hospital, and (of course) a driven motivational humorist!

MNU 2015 - 2Positive Energy and Passion

A lot of female motivational speakers are passionate about making a difference in the world. Personally, my passion lies in using my humor and uplifting energy to help organizations create a more positive environment. Every employee and employer deals with stress, conflict, and difficult situations at work. When I saw how laughter could help people cope, I knew I had to spread the word!

Every Motivational Speaker Offers Unique Qualities

Each motivational speaker out there has their own life experiences and their own ways of pumping up their audiences.

It’s all about choosing a keynote speaker or workshop leader who can understand and really motivate your specific audience – male or female, young or old, humorist or serious, it is all about the connection!

Meg Soper is a motivational humorist speaker who can help employees learn strategies to laugh, connect, engage, and get energized at work and in life. Get in touch with Meg today!

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About Meg Soper

Meg Soper is a leading motivational humorist for organizations in North America. Her unique perspective combines the insights and experiences of her last thirty years spent as a Registered Nurse, stand-up comedian, and ultimately a motivational speaker. Meg has co-authored two books and appeared on the CBC Television network, Women’s Television network, and Prime TV as well as on radio and at comedy festivals.