Meg’s emergence as a thought leader on humor as a tool for personal resilience and positive work culture has been shaped by her varied life experiences – as a stand-up comic, operating room nurse, mother, and now as a motivational humorist.

She combines her collective experiences to offer her audiences compelling ideas for self-improvement, while providing the opportunity for us to see the lighter side of life.

Customized Keynotes and Workshops

Whether your focus is team building, dealing with change, or celebrating diversity in the workplace, we will customize a presentation to fit your needs!

Meg works with clients across the United States and Canada and can tailor her material to fit your needs. Simply set up a consultation and she will work with you to develop material customized for your organization. No matter what your business, theme, or needs, our material will speak to it.

Keynote presentations run between 45 – 75 minutes, depending on your needs. Workshops run from 90 minutes to a half day, or topics can be combined for a full-day workshop. These presentations can be tailored for any size of audience – from an intimate gathering to something for an entire organization. 

Meg’s Presentations: Core Topics

Meg offers keynotes and workshops that focus on five core topic areas, all delivered with her unique brand of humor. Just click on the topic to learn more about Meg’s presentations and how humor can make a difference to you and your organization.

Conflict Management Workshop

Meg’s Conflict Management Workshop is designed to create awareness of the different conflict-handling styles and help us identify our own conflict handling preferences.

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Loosen Up with Laughter Keynote Presentation

This stand-up presentation proves you can find levity in any life situation! Whether you’re facing the perils of middle age or juggling a career and family, Meg will help you find a laugh along the way.

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Positive Workplace Culture Presentation

It’s simple: we need to be effective communicators, whether on the front line or in a leadership role. Workplace and personal challenges call for effective communication or bust.

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Teamwork & Collaboration Presentation

Is your team working at its full potential? Bring your people together as Meg adds laughter and energy to the topic of teamwork and dealing with different personalities in the workplace.

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Work-Life Balance and Resilience Presentation

This presentation brings interactive humor to the subject of resilience, recognizing that finding life balance is a journey – not a destination. Managing all the demands and priorities on our time can prove to be overwhelming.

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Virtual Presentations

If your meetings or conferences have been cancelled as a result of the pandemic and if your organization yearns for laughter, connection, and learning, Meg offers virtual Keynote and Workshop presentations that offer instant, live stream video communication via the online portal of your preference.

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