Posted by Meg Soper, 15-11-2016

Our daughter Mads – a millennial – is in her final year at Dalhousie University, and is working for a catering company in Halifax to help pay her way through school.

Recently she and her workmates were bused in to Peggy’s Cove on a stormy Saturday to work a wedding event with 100 guests. The group was feeling festive, their energy lifted to greater heights by the huge waves crashing on the rocks outside… except for one particular table at the back of the room – they just didn’t seem to be into it.

When the stormy weather passed, all the guests were invited outside for a group photo at water’s edge. The sun had just broken through, and the ocean and clouds were magnificent. However, four of the people from the back table stayed put. They couldn’t be bothered to join the photo.

Following dinner there were toasts, then congratulations and feverish action on the dance floor. The same four people sat in place and seemed not to take notice.   

Everyone in the place voiced their appreciation for the service from the staff… again, except for (you guessed it!), the back table.

There they sat, looking detached the entire evening.

At 10:30pm Mads was clearing the last of the glassware from the dissatisfied table and one of the women asked her, “are you still serving tea?”

“No. I am sorry,” said Mads. “Tea and coffee service has been packed up and we are preparing to leave by bus back to Halifax.”

“What? Really? Well, THAT is ridiculous!” the woman huffed.

Here’s what Mads wanted to say: “You just need to calm down and relax. It’s 10:30 in the evening. You had hours to drink tea. And it is only tea! Tea is SO average. It’s not even that good. You should really have a glass of wine. You know wine is still available? Maybe wine – not tea –might just be the ticket for you. Remember, they honoured you by inviting you as a GUEST at their wedding. The least you can do is pretend to celebrate this occasion. Dig deep and lighten up.”

Of course, Mads couldn’t actually say all of that. Here’s what she actually said: “Yes, well, very sorry about that.”

What’s the Takeaway?

From our millennial’s perspective, the ripple effect of your energy is HUGE. Mads would have loved to see an appreciation for the organization that went into this amazing event. But instead she felt a much different vibe from this table. I wonder how many of the other guests were also impacted by their negative attitude.

We can always be mindful of how our energy affects those around us, including ourselves. Chest out… chin up and smile. If you make the effort to put positive energy out there, it won’t be long until you actually feel that positive vibe yourself.

We can never underestimate the difference positive energy can make!

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