Posted by Meg Soper, 29-06-2017

As we approach our nation’s 150th birthday, it seems appropriate to reflect on what defines us as Canadians. Of course there are the usual Canadian stereotypes– you know, the polite, hockey-loving folks who wear toques, eat back bacon, swill maple syrup, and who are prone to saying ‘Eh?’

Recently I had the pleasure of presenting a keynote to the Ontario Healthcare Housekeepers Association in Grand Bend, Ontario. The group was comprised of managers of long term care facilities and hospitals  from across the province,  who came together to celebrate their unity and share pride in their work managing teams that are such an integral part of front line healthcare. A few of the attendees were retired, but still made the effort to attend the conference and keep their connections.  I left feeling uplifted and energized from their sense of community!

On my return trip home, I couldn’t help but be struck by the incredible beauty of the countryside on that sunny day in May. I drove across endless rolling fields, past beautiful old stone homes, and even got a friendly wave from one farmer (… though it is possible he may have trying to swat a fly, but being in the mood I was, I took it as a greeting!). I travelled through Exeter, Tavistock, and New Hamburg, their main streets offering the perfect microcosm of community in our increasingly complex world – the town halls, the library, the grocer, the farm supply depot, and the local legion with the neon sign promoting the Saturday meat draw fund raiser. People coming together and making it work.

On that drive home from Grand Bend, I got clear on what really defines us as a nation. And that is our sense of community. It really is our backbone – our compass – and, whether it be at the local hockey arena, at the youth crisis centre, or at an association gathering for healthcare housekeepers, people draw strength and inspiration by coming together to share in a vision or a cause. As someone who travels this country from coast to coast, it seems to me we have got the concept of community pretty much nailed!

Now let’s get out there and celebrate the community of this country called Canada. Bring it on!

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