Posted by Meg Soper, 07-02-2017

I recently presented to a group of event planners on the subject of “Managing Stress and Finding Work-Life Balance”. One of the key messages when I speak on that topic is to “take YOUR 30 minutes”. Read my blog “The 30 Minute Rule” for the full scoop!

Following my session, I was approached by a middle-aged gentleman who took a few moments to share his recent health challenges with me.

“Three months ago I suffered a heart attack” he said. “I love working in this industry but I guess the stress of managing deadlines and meeting client expectations caught up with me.”

He told me he had a supportive team at home and at work, but he still couldn’t escape the strain of the job. The result was a heart attack that very nearly took his life. He realized that he was one of the lucky ones, because four weeks after the attack he walked out of the ICU.

As you can imagine, this life experience got him to take notice and make some changes. He tweaked his eating patterns and eliminated some foods that were not serving him nutritionally. And now he walks 30 minutes every morning, regardless of the weather. Today, he feels dramatically better than he did before his health setback.

“My heart attack was a real wake up call. I guess you could even say I am grateful for it,” he said.

Robert got a second chance and no one is happier than his team at home and at work.

Will you be healthier, happier, and smarter in 2017?

If you haven’t already, making the “30 Minute Rule” part of your daily ritual could be a big first step down that path.

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