Posted by Meg Soper, 19-10-2015

At a recent presentation in Miramichi, New Brunswick an audience member asked if my website had a list of the books I referenced during my session. Holly, thanks for that great question! It has inspired me to start building a reference list of Readings that REALLY Resonate that I will feature on my website. 

To get started, one that really inspired me is all about simplified living, and focusing on what really matters. I hope this book inspires you too!  

Do Less – A Minimalist Guide to a Simplified, Organized and Happy Life – by Rachel Jonat (

I came across this book while I was shopping at a clothing store in Toronto. It immediately caught my eye, and I started to read it then and there. After scanning just a few pages, it was an easy decision not to buy the blouse that I had decided on just a few minutes earlier, such was the message. A tad ironic this book would be on sale in a clothing store!

In the weeks that followed I became a purging powerhouse in following suggestions found in the book. Nothing was sacred! I cleared clothing, cook ware, sports equipment, suitcases and toiletries. It is like the author is with you every step, knowing how tough it is to part ways with old possessions, like therapy to help you overcome that stubborn, inner pack rat. Gosh it felt good. I discovered clothes I had forgotten I owned, and some that should have never been worn in public. Bad sweater party anyone? Anyway, it proved the adage that “Many of us use 20% of our clothing 80% of the time.” Soon there was an enormous mound of stuff and most of it we gave to charity. It is an ongoing process and one that we’ll continue to chip away at. This book provided a terrific kick start.

The message of the book is this: “When you think about what brings you happiness, note how little stuff is actually involved. A nice conversation over tea, a healthy meal, sleep, exercise – none of them requires deep closets full of stuff to enjoy.” This resonated deeply with me.

Whether it is the material things we choose to cling to and don’t really need – or the loop of negative thoughts we sometimes choose to dwell on – clearing the clutter outside and within is therapeutic and reminds us that happiness and contentment is an inside job! Read ‘Do Less’ and find out what’s more!


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