Meg is an experienced motivational speaker for unions throughout North America. Her keynote presentations provide humor and inspiration to her audiences while giving them everyday strategies to more effectively deal with stressors and obstacles at work and in life.

Meg also offers engaging and interactive workshops. We will work with you to customize your workshop to ensure it aligns with your organizations key objectives and specific needs. 

Her most popular presentations and workshops cover topics relevant to unions, including managing and resolving conflict, working with different generations and different personalities in the workplace, dealing with stress, strategies to ensure a healthy work-life balance, and more!

“The audience was engaged, entertained and educated in such a way as to draw on all of our emotions from pensive reflection to uncontrollable laughter – yours is truly a remarkable and unique talent. Equally as amazing is the high level of energy that never lets up. You left a lasting impression on all of us fortunate enough to experience your positive spirit. Never before have we received such glowing accolades – you have raised the bar for any speaker daring enough to follow next year. As evidenced by the standing ovation, calls for an encore and thunderous applause, your efforts were greatly appreciated!”

International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers – IBEW

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Our Union Clients

  • Alberta Union of Provincial Employees
  • Atlantic Nurses Union Labor School
  • Manitoba Government and General Employee Union
  • Manitoba Nurses Union
  • Michigan Regional Council Carpenters and Milwrights
  • National Union of Public and General Employees
  • New Brunswick Nurses Union
  • Nova Scotia Government and General Employees Union
  • Nova Scotia Nurses Union
  • Ontario Association Developmental Education
  • Ontario Healthcare Housekeeper’s Association
  • Ontario Council Hospital Unions
  • Ontario Nurses Association
  • Saskatchewan Union of Nurses
  • United brotherhood of Electrical Workers