Learn conflict management strategies, conflict resolution techniques, and approaches to dealing effectively with all different types of people! This interactive and entertaining workshop helps participants improve their relationships with others, whether at work or at home.

This workshop can be customized for your specific goals, number of participants, and organization. Meg will work closely with you to ensure your approval of the interactive exercises she will conduct during the session.

Workshop Takeaways

  • Identifying different personalities styles based on the DISC model
  • Learning the strengths and challenges of the four Personality Styles, and how others might perceive each
  • How to maximize the strengths of your style to become better at motivating, communicating, and cooperating
  • Developing strategies to more effectively deal with conflict
  • Mindfulness of how a perspective shift can help us see where others are coming from and ultimately create stronger relationships!

Participants will leave this workshop equipped with practical techniques and strategies to help them manage and resolve conflict effectively, creating a healthier, happier, and more productive workplace environment.

Workshop Format

  • Open and kick off the day with a networking exercise
  • Combine aspects of the keynote presentation in an interactive format
  • Provide an in-depth look at each aspect, with more time devoted to each component (e.g. conflict resolution, conflict management, understanding and communicating with different Personality Styles, etc.)
  • Use interactive exercises to emphasize key teaching points
  • End the day with a high energy team building exercise

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