In recent months we have seen change and disruption unlike any time in memory. Now more than ever we need to tap our inner reserves of resilience to ensure that we have the mindset, positive energy and inspiration to answer to the challenges we must face.

If your meetings or conferences have been cancelled as a result of the pandemic and if your organization yearns for laughter, connection, and learning, Meg offers Virtual Keynote and Workshop presentations  that offer instant, live stream video communication via the online portal of your preference. Why, it’s the next best  thing to having Meg right in your own living room – only she happens to be in her own living room! (as shown below).







As always, Meg will work closely with you and your team to design sessions that will speak specifically to your organization’s needs. Her goal will be to offer a humorous, dynamic and interactive online experience that will inspire, connect and provide attendees with tools to navigate change and uncertainty.

Meg’s virtual presentations are broadcast from her professionally equipped home studio that provides the audience with a seamless, multi-media experience.

To get a sense of the style and delivery you can expect from the virtual Meg Soper, check out the previews below.

“The Secret Sauce: Thriving in Times of Change”

Now more than ever, we need a reason to laugh!

Meg has designed this Keynote to deliver a much needed lift to organizations who are being called on to adapt to accelerating change in a time of great uncertainty. In her dynamic and engaging style, Meg shares ideas on how we can use humor, passion, and resilience to navigate change and perform at our highest level no matter what challenges we encounter.

Using experiences from her career as an O.R. nurse, Meg will demonstrate how we can use mindfulness techniques to help us build our resilience, shift our perspective and lead us to be more effective in our roles while building healthier and stronger relationships with the people we work with and those who we serve.

This presentation will entertain, inspire, and provide your team with tools they can use to bolster their resilience, self-awareness and inter-personal relationships.

Keynote Objectives

1. Learn about the HPR Sauce – Humor, Passion and Resilience to manage change and thrive.

2. Gain greater control over how we respond to stress and challenge; demonstrate how we can ‘Shift our Perspective’ to be emotionally resilient.

3. Learn about mindfulness techniques to give our ‘Brain a Boost’ and to help us stay present in our interactions with others.

4. Offer strategies to help improve personal resilience so that we are better able to manage change and maintain a positive mindset.

5. Share laughter and positive energy together!

“Better Together…Personality Styles in the Workplace”

Is your team working at its full potential? Let’s face it – high functioning teams are more important than ever as we deal with all the challenges of Covid 19. So, if you are not be able to gather in person, try out the next best thing: Meg’s hilarious and high energy interactive workshop on personality styles and teamwork.

The “Better Together” workshop demonstrates that going it alone is not an option in today’s workplace environment, even when you can’t get to the office and have to work alone! In this session, Meg serves up inspirational ideas on teamwork and collaboration that will increase the awareness, effectiveness and the morale of your organization’s teams.

Warning! This workshop is not for the faint of heart! Participants will be expected to participate, identify their own personality style and then spend time exploring the virtues and vices of their style!

Participants will gain a better understanding of each other’s challenges and unique qualities, helping to enhance relationships both at work and at home.

For a preview of “Better Together” please check out the preview below.

Better Together…Personality Styles in the Workplace