Effective communication is a skill we all need to have! No matter who you are or your role in the workplace, being an effective communicator helps you overcome any challenges you face. Positive workplace cultures rely on effective communication – especially when multiple generations are working together.

This high energy, engaging workshop explores how perceptions, emotions, and preconceived ideas impact day-to-day interactions and communication.

This workshop can be customized for your specific goals, number of participants, and organization. Meg will work closely with you to ensure your approval of the interactive exercises she will conduct during the session.

Workshop Takeaways

  • Creating a positive, communicative workplace environment
  • Understanding the generational differences and the strengths each generation brings
  • Understanding the differences that arise between generations and why we are challenged by them
  • How to create a positive environment at home, at work, and within ourselves through effective communication
  • Specific strategies and techniques to improve communication skills
  • How to deal with conflict in the workplace and how to be more accessible to others

Participants will leave this workshop equipped with practical techniques and strategies to help them become more effective communicators despite differences between the generations.

Workshop Format

  • Open and kick off the day with a networking exercise
  • Combine aspects of the keynote presentation in an interactive format
  • Provide an in-depth look at each aspect, with more time devoted to each component (e.g. positive communication skills, understanding the generational strengths and differences, recognizing others’ unique qualities, etc.)
  • Use interactive exercises to emphasize key teaching points
  • End the day with a high energy team building exercise

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